We are a 100% Australian owned and operated supplier of LED Lighting.

We began with the belief that we could provide quality, innovation and outstanding customer service to the design, architectural, building, and general market. Our services run the gamut – from small scale domestic application to larger commercial ventures. We are fully committed to the Australian manufacturing industry ensuring continual expansion of our range and are extremely proud of our continuing efforts to actively develop the Australian market’s awareness of quality products.

We understand that research does not only apply to technology; it is the combination of commitment, skill and investment that find the right balance between function and form. Lighting should be effortless, seen only when intended to be seen. Light gives shape to space and influences the perception of an environment.

When we talk about excellence we aren’t speaking of superior fabrication, we’re making a statement about the perception of how your lighting requirements will be translated into reality. Our knowledgeable staff bring many years’ experience that include lighting specialists, technicians and professional electricians who can assist with any lighting detail.