LED Aluminium Extrusions

The quality of aluminium used for LED extrusions is extremely important for heat dissipation. iDEAL LED’s Australian made LED profiles are manufactured from aluminium that is mined, billeted and extruded locally – giving us control, customisation and flexibility over production lengths, finishes and quantities. Safe, durable and practical, our LED aluminium channels are perfect additions to your LED lighting.

Offering versatility and innovation, iDEAL LED’s aluminium extrusions can be used for a variety of applications – including residential, commercial and hospitality environments, and range from recessed LED aluminium extrusions and surface mount aluminium LED profiles to LED linear suspensions. You can learn more about our selection by contacting our team.

Why choose us for your LED aluminium channels?

Our aluminium profiles are produced using our own dies and the highest grade of aluminium on the market – designed and tested in Australia – allowing the heat to quickly escape ensuring longevity in the LED strip light. This coupled with our Australian manufactured, LED specific, German acrylic diffuser guarantees the perfect outcome.

Being a 100% Australian owned and operated company ensures that we are held to the highest of standards and provide reliable products to all our clients. Whether you require lighting assistance in a commercial or residential project, we can provide advice and knowledge about how to best handle your LED lighting requirements and aluminium extrusions.

Trust in the LED lighting experts

As one of the most common variants of illumination, LED aluminium channels are perfect for kitchen countertop lighting, cabinets, shelves, shop windows, stairs and much more. Contact our team to learn more about our LED aluminium extrusions and LED lighting, our trusted technicians are happy to answer all your questions and enquiries.

Call 02 9167 5768 and talk to iDEAL LED to discuss LED lighting solutions.

What are aluminium LED extrusions or profiles? 

LED profiles are specialised aluminum extrusions that serve as a housing for LED strip lights. They provide a neat and secure way to install LED strip lights, as well as protecting them from damage and environmental elements. LED profiles also offer various benefits such as improved heat dissipation, protection against dust and moisture, and the ability to diffuse light for a more even and attractive spread. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit different lighting design needs.